Canals in Photos

Water and cities make for a flattering composition.  Here are some of my favorite canal photos.

Venice in Photos

Here are some of my favorite photographs from the Venetian Lagoon.

Step up to the Cicchetti Bar in Venice

Food is good.  Food in Italy is divine.  This seems to be as true as the sun setting and rising. Cicchetti is the tapas of the Italian world.  Savor samples of the freshest dishes by hand selecting your personal desires.  Suppress your hunger or make it a meal; cicchetti is an affordable way to sample…

Unexpected Lessons in Venice

I wrote this piece a couple years ago after reflecting on an encounter in Venice.  It is a simple example of how traveling has broadened my perspective over the years. Ring the Bell We arrived at San Giorgio Maggiore to find that we were alone.  Where were the other visitors for the Gregorian chant?  We…