Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

This photo was sent to me when I requested to adopt a pug. Isn’t she tiny?

Wow, what a topic.  I probably feel more nostalgic than is healthy.  I see it not as a time I wish I could return, but a time that I am so thankful for, and appreciate in every future moment. It is funny how a post evolves.  I typed my first sentence thinking this would go one way, but today it appears to be going a different way.

Originally, I was going to select from my typical list of photos to show places and people that have made me nostalgic.  A day later, I can only think of one topic that is truly making me thankful for a previous moment.  Adopting Kendra was probably one of my best moments in life.  I even moved buildings in my apartment complex so I could get her.  I’d dreamed of having a dog as a companion since I was little, but we could never get one.  All of that time was preparation for the day I would pick up my little ham.

Kendra has not only given me someone to love, but she has also given me confidence and the ability to be as independent as I am.  Here are some photos of our first few months together.  Oh the fun we have had :).

Pet Picture

kendraTomorrow I leave for Paris.  I’ll be gone almost 6 weeks and during that time I will leave behind my little girl.  My parents are thrilled to spend the quality time with their grandpuppy, but this momma is going to miss her pug.  Every time I travel, I take a picture to carry with me.  I think the first one is what I’ll use for this trip.  Below you can see the past couple I have used.

How do you get over missing your pets?