Travel Journey of the Week: Belgium

Yesterday’s post inspired me to take a closer look at Belgium. I’ve only stayed in Bruges, but I’d like to know what else is worth a visit. Share your experiences with us.

Travel Journey of the Week: Florence

I regret not getting very many photos of Florence on my trip a couple years ago.  It was a city that many had told me was THE place to go in Europe, and it just overwhelmed me.  Now that I think back, it feels as if my two days there were a blur.  I’d love…

Interesting Architecture in Photos

Yesterday I focused on art, but I didn’t include architecture.  Today we see some of my favorite buildings, bridges, and arches.  What is your favorite style?  There is something about half-timbered buildings that feels cozy to me.

Visit Chicago

Da bears, famous mobsters, hot dogs, the Mag Mile, and blues conjure images of Chicago (sometimes pronounced cheecago).  I live less than an hour away, yet I will have spent more time in Paris after this summer is over.  I love having a great city nearby, but it is one that I am still exploring. …