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photo-liberated-travelerThe Philosophy

What is the Liberated Traveler?  When I look at this image by Charlotte Perriand, I think of liberation.  How freeing that must be.  This website is not here to promote nudity or flashing, but that sensation a traveler gets when he or she is released.  We begin to escape from the negativity by becoming the best versions of ourselves.  We are educated through the experiences with people that share core similarities, but live in a different way than we do.  Liberated travel is not a vacation, but a lasting journey that makes us who we are.

Getting Started

If this is your first time visiting the Liberated Traveler, I have some recommendations to get you going.  The site is broken into five sections: places, travel tips, travelogue, photography, and travel journeys of the week.  Here are some samples to get your feet wet.


Paris by Métro: One Sight Stops-Features links to all my posts in the Paris by Métro series including the places that didn’t make the cut.

Following the Trails of Van Gogh and the Impressionists-Organizing an itinerary based on a theme can make travel more meaningful.  Follow this brief tour of a town centered around art history.

Visiting Dachau-Sometimes travel is more than joy and excitement; it is enlightenment and understanding.

Hanging in the Burbs of Paris-Travel is not all about seeing the major sites.  In this post we visit a different side of Paris.

Travel Tips

Packing 101-Successful packing encourages freedom and competence.  Learn how to be the ultimate packer.

10 Items You Wish You Packed– Sure you’ll remember your toothbrush and pants, but what else should you take with you?  Revise your packing list with these useful items.

Paris Metro 101-Public transportation doesn’t have to be scary.  Use this tutorial to be a pro before you go.

Travel on a Budget-I am a teacher, so I get budget travel.  Here are some tips I’ve learned from personal experience.

Earning Miles with Credit Cards-Join me as I try to decipher the world of frequent flyer miles and credit card bonuses.


Thoughts on Solo Travel-After spending a month by myself in Paris, I had some insights I wanted to share with other travelers considering solo travel.

Writers of the Left Bank-Paris Walks is a great company.  Here is an example of how to take advantage of frugal tours and learn more about Paris.

Passages of Paris-Take a walk under covered passages during a rainy day in Paris and experience a new side to the city.


Taking Better Travel Photos-Want to truly capture the moment?  Follow these tips to improve your travel photos.

Taking Better Photos Through Glass-Tours can be great, but they can really put a hamper on your photographing abilities.  Here are some tricks to taking better photos from a bus, train, plane, or car.

Taking Photos at Night-Is that flash not working the way you want?  Can’t get a sharp night picture?  Test out these tricks to improve your shots taken at night.

Creating Black and White Photos with a Pop of Color-Here is a cool trick to create a unique view with your travel photos.

Travel Journey of the Week

New Orleans-The focus this week was food.

Belgium-If you are looking for the coolest place to stay in Belgium, visit this week’s post to learn more about a B&B you’ll never forget.

Cinque Terre-Check out one of the most photographic places I’ve ever visited.

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