East Coast US in 2005

My dad recently recovered files from old computers, and I discovered some of my photos from past trips.  This was in my early days of photography.  Digital cameras were very limited with megapixels back then, so the quality of the photos may not match what I’ve shared recently, but I still thought it would be…

Brugge in the Morning

It was an early morning, so I’m afraid this early evening is not leaving me with much energy to write.  I plan on taking a catchup day to write and recharge my batteries.  I did spend some time working on my photos I took early this morning in Brugge.  Seeing cities before the crowds with…

Brugge in Photos

I have great sights to share in Brugge, but I am too tired to write about them tonight.  Instead I will take you on a photo tour until I can write more tomorrow.  It must have been those fries with mayonnaise and cobblestone streets that have worn me out.  Until tomorrow, enjoy.

Reflections in Photos

When the water is still and the light is right, beautiful reflections can rest on top of the glassy surface.  The symmetry in reflections creates a visually appealing image.  Get out in the morning or late evening for the best reflection photos.

Arnhem Open Air Museum

If the name Arnhem sounds familiar to you, it may not be for the Open Air Museum, but the historical reference.  The Battle of Arnhem was fought in the second world war.  Today’s focus will be on the museum. The museum provides a glimpse of pre-industrial Dutch life.  You walk through history as you see…

Burano, Italy

Burano is one of the islands in the Venetian Lagoon.  Enjoy the scenic, and often refreshing 45 minute boat ride to the color palette village.  In the crushing heat of the summer, I know nothing better (other than gelato) that cools like a vaparetto ride. Burano is a fishing village with brightly colored buildings to…

Provence in Photos

Provence is a light-filled area in Southern France.  Live like the French as you park yourself at a cafe, and enjoy what Van Gogh found so inspiring.

Travel Stubs in Photos

One of my favorite artifacts from my travels are the ticket stubs and other memorable documents.  I use it for memories, but also to help me remember names of restaurants and hotels.  Do you collect ticket stubs?  What do you do with them?  Here are the paper mementos I collected last summer.

Haarlem, Netherlands

When I first arrived in Haarlem last summer I wondered if I was the only one that had survived the apocalypse.  I came in through the train station and there was no one around.  I reached some civilization in the main square where the remains of a book market were closing up.  Where was everyone?…

Bacharach, Germany

The half-timbered buildings welcome all visitors.  In the distant background there are faint sounds of cheers as the German soccer team scores.  Sipping on the Riesling grown just yards away reminds you that you’re on the Rhine. The streets lack the crowd of so many places, but the small clacking noise of the few walking…