Episode #2: Venice, Italy

Welcome to Episode #2 of the Liberated Traveler. In this podcast we escape to the alluring Venice, Italy. I have complied a list of 17 experiences to ensure you make the most of your trip to Venice.

Venice by Vaporetto: Rialto

Exploring Venice by vaporetto allows you to take advantage of this easy form of public transportation while seeing the majestic city from the water. Let’s explore the sights of Rialto.

Venice Vaporetto 101

The Venice Vaporetto is by far my favorite public transportation. The stop is a dock and the vehicle is a boat. If you are looking for a how-to or some simple tips, read for more information.

Travel Journey of the Week: Provence

Traveling in the spring is my favorite time to explore. Here is a trip that is great to do before the hot summer days set in: Provence. Share your experiences with us.

Spain in the Spring

I will be visiting Barcelona and Madrid with a day trip to Toledo in March, and I am eager beyond belief. I’m sure many of you have been to Spain already, so I’m looking for some advice.

10 Items You Wish You Packed

Sure you’ve packed enough underwear to last twice your stay, and your liquids are all stored appropriately in the correct size containers, but what should you pack beyond the basics? There are many items we could do without, but here are some items you should consider for your next trip.