Episode #2: Venice, Italy

Welcome to Episode #2 of the Liberated Traveler. In this podcast we escape to the alluring Venice, Italy. I have complied a list of 17 experiences to ensure you make the most of your trip to Venice.

Venice by Vaporetto: Rialto

Exploring Venice by vaporetto allows you to take advantage of this easy form of public transportation while seeing the majestic city from the water. Let’s explore the sights of Rialto.

Venice Vaporetto 101

The Venice Vaporetto is by far my favorite public transportation. The stop is a dock and the vehicle is a boat. If you are looking for a how-to or some simple tips, read for more information.

Travel Journey of the Week: Florence

I regret not getting very many photos of Florence on my trip a couple years ago.  It was a city that many had told me was THE place to go in Europe, and it just overwhelmed me.  Now that I think back, it feels as if my two days there were a blur.  I’d love…

Coming Soon: Venice by Vaporetto

Did you like the weekly series about sights to see organized by Paris Métros?  Now it is time to explore Venice by Vaporetto!  This is probably the coolest public transportation in the world located in a city with endless options to enjoy.  Here is the plan so far: -San Giorgio -Redentore -Rialto -San Marco-San Zaccaria…

Travel Journey of the Week: Venice

I have a hard time deciding whether Paris or Venice is my favorite place in the world.  I think Venice is winning right now.  I’m hoping to tag on four days in Venice with my trip this summer so I can research for my book: Venice by Vaporetto.  I will be posting just as I…