Spain in the Spring

I will be visiting Barcelona and Madrid with a day trip to Toledo in March, and I am eager beyond belief. I’m sure many of you have been to Spain already, so I’m looking for some advice.

Travel Theme: Sky

Many people have taken to the skies this holiday week, and even if they haven’t, they might be dreaming about it. Here are a few of my favorite photos to guide your eyes a little higher tonight.

Free Writing Workshop

If you are looking for some advice to improve your writing, you might want to check out Dave Fox’s free audio workshop.

10 Items You Wish You Packed

Sure you’ve packed enough underwear to last twice your stay, and your liquids are all stored appropriately in the correct size containers, but what should you pack beyond the basics? There are many items we could do without, but here are some items you should consider for your next trip.

Travel Journey of the Week: Belgium

Yesterday’s post inspired me to take a closer look at Belgium. I’ve only stayed in Bruges, but I’d like to know what else is worth a visit. Share your experiences with us.

New Post: Venice of the North

While I’m waiting for my subscribers to be switched over to my new site, I thought I’d share with you a post I did today about the Venice of the North: Bruges.  Check it out :).  

Venice of the North: Bruges

Bruges (Brugge) is a quiet town in Northern Belgium. It is easily accessed from Brussels, which makes it possible to visit if you are staying in Paris. Bruges is physically possible in a day trip, but it is well worth an overnight stay or longer. Join me as we explore this gem in Belgium.

Take a Peak

My new site is up and running, but I’m still working on switching over my subscribers.  If you have not signed up for e-mail notifications, please do stop by to stay updated with new content!  Next week I plan on starting the Venice by Vaporetto series.  I hope you will join me on my journey…