Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Boy at SeaThe photo challenge theme this week is making me feel a bit nostalgic.  Two summers ago I realized the comforting affects of the sea, and how much I want to be near one.  The best moments in the salty-sea air are when my pants are rolled up, and my bare feet sink in the wet sand as a slight wave comes by to kiss my ankles.  My favorite kind of beaches are the ones with few, if any, people.  Perhaps there is an owner playing frisbee with his dog.

My first great memory of the ocean was when I was about five.  We were road-tripping it from Illinois to Florida to see my aunts and hang out at the beach.  Unfortunately illness took me over and I became very sick.  What was the cure?  It wasn’t the giant orange horse pills the doctor gave me.  It was wading into the water with my clothes on, breathing for the first time when the saline cleared my nose.  It was almost magical.

The ocean can be a scary place as well.  Especially when it almost eats you.  That is why I prefer flirting with the edges between the sand and the water.  If only I could crawl into one of these photos now.

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