Dabble into Something New

TiramisuI came across a website yesterday that I am super excited about.  Do you ever find that you are different person when you travel?  You take more risks, you try new things, you meet new people?  Why can’t I do that at home?  I do live next to the 3rd largest city in the US…  I don’t know why I reserve such exciting moments for when I am thousands of miles away from home.  I think it is time to start changing that.

I came across a site yesterday called Dabble.  Their slogan on Facebook is, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”  What do I love so much about travel?  The first time experience.  How exciting, nerve-racking, and new.  I think I almost love the nerves that come with trying something new on my own.  Questioning the people I could meet and the experiences I could have is thrilling to me.

I am excited to share that I have at least a couple classes planned and several on the wish list.  Next month I will be taking a tiramisu cooking class (with a little Italian) and a tapas cooking class.  It is probably sad that both classes are cooking classes, but just so you know, I’ve got a flash fiction writing class on my wish list.  Life isn’t all about food (but it is petty important for bringing cultures together).  Dabble cannot be found everywhere, but they are featured in many cities throughout the world.  In the end, I hope you find something that allows you to feel like you are traveling while you are waiting for the departure date.  I’ve been guilty of counting down till each new adventure.  Don’t let that time in between go to waste.

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