Second Chance Photos

Train Station-1047With thousands of pictures sitting on my cards, I reconsider what deserves to be published.  Usually I find that I did pick the best image, but every once in awhile I find a hidden gem that I passed over before.  What do you do with photos that you don’t use?  Her are some of my best second chance photos.  Not as good as the firsts, but still worth sharing.

3 thoughts on “Second Chance Photos

  • My photos sit on various disk drives and I am continually going through them, deleting the really bad ones, duplicates etc. I then upload some to flickr just so I have a backup, and then gradually I go through my flickr collections and prune yet again – it is a constant job and it is like painting the Forth Bridge – once you get to the end, you start all over again 🙂

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