Bastille Day in France

Eiffel Tower 2Well, I wasn’t able to make it to Bastille Day in Paris this year (again), but I am still in the spirit.  Since I can’t share fabulous photos live in Paris, I will share some of my favorite photos of France to commemorate the holiday.  Vive la France!

4 thoughts on “Bastille Day in France

  • Those were some of my favorite too, heard you mom is improving having a milkshake with Linda tomorrow we will be talking about how much I like your photos.

  • Enjoyed coming along with you to Paris. Great observations. Nice work as usual with the photos.
    Question: are you now addicted to watching the Tour de France? We were after we got back from Paris a few summers ago! LOL. Those HD shots from the helicopters are awesome. The first 2 days on the island of Capri were mindblowing = first time ever in the 100 yr history of the Tour they went over there. Then the ride to Mont Saint-Michel the other day was very cool and the stage during Bastille Day had over 300,000 along the course. The replays are available in the free “On Demand” menu on my cable system – it may be on yours. Consider checking it out. What a beautiful country.

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