22Flâneur is a French noun which means something along the lines of strolling.  It is probably my aunt Linda’s favorite French word.  The Italians have a similar word that applies to the evening stroll: Passeggiata.  There is something inviting about walking without a specific destination in mind.  Here you can see my captures from being a flâneur.  I started at my home in the Marais and followed the Seine to the Eiffel Tower.  As you can see, my photos are backwards…

12 thoughts on “Flâneur

  1. lindaloder says:

    When we travel and are not planning a hike, we say we “potter around”. Same idea – pottering is having no fixed agenda and enjoying the moments as they pass by.

  2. Linda says:

    Love the pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Close up or at a distance, it is an amazing structure. Glad they didn’t tear it down as planned.

  3. Nathan Mizrachi says:

    I really like your picture of the bookstore! For me, a good wander in a new city always involves stopping in bookstores and getting lost–something that is fitting given you have no particular destination in mind. Lovely pictures as always!

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