Market of the Red Children

FlowersSometimes the early bird does not catch the worm.  I was desperate for more cherries and some other produce, so I looked up markets in my area open on Tuesday.  I found Marche de Enfants Rouge which I remembered reading about in my Markets of Paris book.  I saw that they opened at 8:30, and around 10:00 I started walking in that direction.  This is the second time that arriving in the morning has not been beneficial.  There was one produce guy setting up his stock, and a couple restaurants open.  Things were starting to move, but I could tell that most places wouldn’t open until later.

Although I was discouraged not to find my cherries, I did get a couple photos.  I also met a man that “knew” Jim Morrison.  He pointed out where he used to live and told stories of the female photographer coming over.  He also mentioned that he has a good friend who is a photographer in Chicago.  Small world.  His trade is taking books and making holders and designs out of them.  He folds the pages to so they expand like an accordion.  You can place postcards, photos, or whatever else you like in there.  He must have seen my hesitation at the thought of trying to fit something else in my suitcase because he showed me how compact it could be.  I didn’t purchase one, but I may return.

Determined to find the fresh goodies I needed, I went back towards the Bastille area.  I found a shop with only produce and the price was right, so I selected some items for lunch.  I chopped up the celery salad that we made in the cooking class, and I sauteed some type of pork I got at a market the other day.  I’m considering taking another cooking class because when I look back on this trip, I think that will be what I remember most.

Not many pictures, but I will have more later today after visiting the exhibit at the Petit Palais and a secret garden.

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  1. Sunnyplace says:

    I have spent more than one morning marching up and down in front of places that are supposed to open at 7AM…:)

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