Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

kendra2I am going to start with the obvious companion in my life: Kendra.  I adopted her back in 2009 from a pug rescue.  They found her on the streets after she’d been dumped by the puppy mill.  She was a fragile little girl with attitude if another dog got too close.  I call her the queen, the ham, but she is my girl through and through.  She is there in the nights when I can’t stand to be alone, and the days when I just need someone to want me around.  I’m almost getting teary-eyed thinking about my companion because she is over 4,000 miles away.  Don’t worry, the grandparents are taking good care of her.

On a more creative vibe, here are some other “companions” I could not live without.  I interpret companion to mean something/someone that is there in the good times and bad.  Obviously my family is a form of companion, but let’s stick with symbolic representations for now.  Check out the captions to see my interpretation.

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