The Life of Travel

Europe 2011 1432My tour guide last summer said that there are good days and bad days in travel.  Sometimes I have this idea that every day will be perfect and unforgettable.  But she was right.  There are ups and downs just as there are in “real” life.  Most of the time, all is wonderful, but there are also struggles, frustrations, and fears.  Get through those moments.  Do not let your mind dwell, or think that you are now stuck in a bottomless pit.  Hiding behind those dark curtains are luminous moments; opportunities to view the world in all of its brilliance.

My favorite French phrase is c’est la vie–this is life.  I interpret the saying in a variety of contexts.  Sometimes I use it as a way of saying oh well, it happens.  Sometimes I use it in moments when all I can do is stand back and take life in; almost a “this is the life.”  Travel is life.  It is every emotion that can be evoked.

I wrote this while in a stupor after my robust meal and wine at a brasserie.  I feel obligated to share what I am learning as I go.  Perhaps some of you can relate.

Get ready for some amazing pictures later because today was a very good travel day.

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