Raspail Marche in Paris

Marche-5Visiting a market in Paris is both a good idea, and fairly easy to do since they are all over the place.  Before departing from the states I picked up the 2nd edition of Markets of Paris to see what was out there.  One of the top rated ones to visit is the Raspail Marche.  The open air market is located on the left bank near the Rennes metro exit.  This is mostly a food market, but there were some stalls with Provence tablecloths (20 Euros! not bad) and accessories.

One of the highlights of this market if you visit on the right day, is stopping by a food truck for lunch.  I first heard about Cantine California on Anthony Bourdain’s show.  Always ready for a good burger, I planned to visit the market on a day they would be there.  The owner is from San Francisco, and his been a hit since opening up about 15 months ago.  He works with a diverse group of men with different backgrounds.  I was eavesdropping as the new hire was introduced to men from Sweden and France.  I got there right when they opened and only had to wait for my food to be prepared.

They are known for their burgers and tacos.  The burgers are like the kind my dad used to make; a minimum of one inch thick and juicy.  I think mine put me in a food coma because shortly after eating it I walked home and took a nap.  Check out the pictures below to trigger mouth watering (if you are into that sort of thing).

I’m trying to avoid using the metro by walking everywhere I want to go.  Here is the little hike I did today.  I needed it after the calories I ingested for lunch.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Heyjude says:

    mmm… mouth watering!

  2. David White says:

    Happy Summer Solstice!

  3. That burger does look delicious! Important question though, isn’t 10 Euro a little pricey?

    1. 10 Euros is definitely not the cheapest burger in town. It is supposed to be a gourmet burger with great quality beef and an artisan flair. I think it is worth trying if you are interested, but it tastes like a burger. At some point I’m going to try Le Camion Gourmand which is another food truck known for burgers. I’ll keep you posted on price and flavor.

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