Rue Montorgueil Walk in Paris

Rue 2I was originally supposed to stay in this neighborhood, but it didn’t work out.  If you are wanting to escape the tourists and see a real market street, this is a great neighborhood.  I felt safe the entire time and was surprised by the number of sights to see in the compact area.  I’ve put together a suggested walk if you are interested in a mini itinerary.  There are tons of places to stop if you are hungry, or need to grab some items to cook at your flat.  There is also refuge from the rain if you are experiencing rain everyday like I am.  If you wat to catch up on a movie, there is a cinema in Les Halles.  They are currently working on the gardens around Les Halles, so it doesn’t look so pretty, but check out the pictures below to see what it will look like when they are done.  Food, faith, and forests.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

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  1. thetangent333 says:

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    Poissonnerie Soguisa oozes charm. It’s interesting that they use two typefaces for “Soguisa”. I wonder if business suffers.

  2. wanderoneday says:

    This looks like a fun / easy walk – thanks for posting it! I know my mom would love the little trinkets and things in Passage du Grand Cerf. I’ve added this to my map just in case we get a bad bout of rain too 🙂

    1. I think that Passage du Grand Cerf may be my favorite passage so far. It is beautiful, but also not too overpriced. If I was home, I know I’d be buying some things. When do you visit Paris? It seems to have rained some every single day. I’m learning to make grabbing my umbrella a requirement before leaving.

      1. wanderoneday says:

        We’re visiting Paris over the first weekend of July (which is awesome as museums are free that Sunday!). I’m just at the point where the extended forecast will cover our trip, and it looks like it will be partly cloudy clearing to sunny and warm when we are there! Hopefully I can bring you some good weather when we come 🙂

  3. Heyjude says:

    Another great walk through the streets of Paris. Why is it that the food shops there are so photogenic? Another passage that I must investigate, it looks very well maintained! You are definitely wetting my appetite for another trip to Paris.
    Jude xx

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