Celebrity at Shakespeare and Company in Paris

BJ-NovakI saw on Facebook yesterday that Shakespeare and Company was hosting B.J. Novak to “workshop” his book.  Now, the name may not be recognizable, but the face is for sure.  If you are an Office fan like me, or have seen Inglorious Bastards, you’ll know who I’m talking about.  I’ve already seen Gabriel Byrne and Craig Ferguson in Paris, so why not someone else famous?

Shakespeare and Company has to be one of the coolest bookstores in the world.  I get timid going to these events because I look at the people around me and realize they are so artsy and “free.”  I feel so typical.  But as I stay longer, I enjoy the creative, different atmosphere.  There was a sweet girl standing in front of me that somehow gave me confidence, even after I stepped on her heal.  It was also really nice to hear conversations that I understood.  To see a celebrity here was a special treat.

Novak has a collection of stories coming out in 2014, and this is his opportunity to share some of his stories and listen to feedback from people.  I think my favorite was the story of a warlord on a fist date, or perhaps the story about the swear jar.  He is a funny guy.  I believe that he is going through the same publisher as Tina Fey, so check it out when you can.  Here is a link to his story on Johnny Depp (I had to record this story for my friend since she is his number one fan).

After the readings, he stepped out to greet fans and drink wine.  What a special treat to have free wine after listening to free stories from a celebrity!  Shakespeare and Company is not capitalizing on these opportunities like they could, which I appreciate.  I suppose it links back to the generosity during the lost generation.

While walking home I snapped a shot of myself with floating hair to show my happiness.  The walk back to my flat ended with seeing a pug which is a moment I always cherish while traveling.  What a wonderful day…

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