Table for One

FrontMy friends and family have gone their own ways, and now I am on my own.  I have filled my scheduled time with plenty of things to do which is good.  As I rest today, I feel a bit homesick.  I’m sure it will pass as I get more used to being by myself.

I stopped for lunch at a cafe outside of the Place des Vosges.  I soon realized it was an early lunch as no one else was eating.  Rather than go with the flight option, I tried my best to enjoy the isolation.  One of my goals is to write, and solitude seems to be my best muse.  I won’t share all of my poems on here, but I might as well share my first little blurb.

Table for one

No patrons yet

Chipped paint hangs with oak beams

Holey limestone protrudes from walls

Jars filled with dried goods

Teapots hanging in a row

Dusty cotton sprig in cluttered corner

And boxes under bench creates decor.

Mother smoking outside

Son cooking inside

Me sitting with my tivoli salad

and water glass that resembles a dog water bowl.

6 thoughts on “Table for One

  1. Heyjude says:

    Mmm… I always find dining alone the most difficult part of travelling solo. I always carry a book or notebook to busy myself with. Your lunch looks very nice by the way. I must buy some mozzarella cheese tomorrow!

  2. J says:

    Interesting prose. Lunch does look deelish. I wanted to see the water glass though! I too write in my trip journal in cafes.

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