Building an Itinerary

Urban-NatureI originally thought this would be a go with the flow month in Paris, but I’m realizing that I love planning way too much.  My itinerary is a guide, not a schedule.  There are plenty of things I want to do, so mapping them out provides the best options and best use of my time.  When I plan out events, I look at opening times, dates, and proximity.  I also like to leave days open in case I need a break, or need to move something due to weather.  Here is what I’ve got planned so far.  What kind of planner are you?

Paris 2013; updated

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  1. A few suggestions, if you are interested. If you go to the Viaduc des Arts, don’t forget to climb up on the Promenade plantée just above. You might also add a quick visit to the newly opened Place de la République.

    Also, there is a very nice Chagall exhibit at Palais du Luxembourg and the Dynamo Exhibit at Grand Palais is amazing if you like modern art. You can also try to catch the expo of Keith Haring at Musée des arts modernes de Paris.

    And hopefully, the weather will improve…

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. We stayed in the Republique area my first week I was here. Seeing the construction done has really opened up the area and improved the aesthetics. I might have to add the Chagall exhibit because I love the Chagall windows at the Art Institute in Chicago.

  2. J says:

    I do make a schedule, then the night before, I rethink it, or change it with another day. My schedule in Paris usually includes a marche, as they are on specific days at each site. I also include info about when a museum is closed. Hen, on the day I have scheduled, I decide whether I do all, some or none of my plans. I include other activities in the general vicinity, so I am not backtracking or time wasting, so shops or passages that are close to the market or ,museum. The night before and/or a breakfast, I look at the touristy map to see if anything else will trump what my plans are. Of course, the weather helps me to decide too. Planning for me is the most fun, as I am sort of in the trip, whole still at home. I think we each have a style and we should go with what feels right for us, or you may not be relaxed on your holiday.

    Enjoy the fresh cheese!!!

    1. I love the planning as well. I think it provides an escape from daily life while at home. Even as I rest here, I can’t help but think ahead to what I want to do next year. I’m not wishing my life away, but I just like thinking about all of the possibilities.

  3. wanderoneday says:

    I like to schedule all of the big items that would cause stress if they weren’t in place (lodgings and flights). Then, when I know where I’ll be on certain days, I like to brainstorm things that might be fun to do – museums, tours, sightseeing, etc. When we finish one day, we’ll talk about what we might want to do the next day (in case we need to get up early or buy tickets in advance to avoid lines).

    I actually just posted two posts that detailed my planning for our Europe trip (we leave next week!). A few months out I book the big things, and in the last couple of weeks I focus on the details like finances, emergency contacts, packing, etc. Since I’ve spent so much time researching the places we’ll be visiting, I have a general idea of what is available. When we get to each place, we’ll make the final decision on what to do based on whether we feel ambitious or lazy 🙂

    1. I think planning may be almost as enjoyable as the actual trip. It is so exciting to research and learn about what there is to see and do. I definitely make plans with the option of adding more or taking it out. Some days I have an abundance of energy while others need minimal effort. I’ll have to check out your posts about your Europe trip. I’d love to see what you are up to.

  4. -Musee D’Orsay -Louvre -Orangerie? All in one day? Wow, you will be flying through these museums! But maybe you don’t like art that much? Either way I would break these up into separate days. Even if you love art that is too much to look at and appreciate all at once. My post, talks about our trip to the Louvre at night. So we did some other things during the day, went home to rest, then headed to the Louvre for the evening when it was very quiet. Maybe that would help? I’m loving the idea of a whole month in Paris!

    1. I am totally against cramming art museums, but I want to save some money with a museum pass and I have been to all of them already, so I don’t plan on seeing everything in them. I just want to check out a couple of pieces in the Louvre since I’ve been there 3 times already, and then I will spend more time at D’Orsay. We will see if I even go to Orangerie or not. I agree that would be way too much if it was my first time visiting.

  5. genevieve says:

    I am a huge planner – just because I am so excited! I don’t like putting time limits on things ( except if it has an opening/closing time and I want to beat crowds), but as you said, it’s all more of a guide. I’d hate to miss out on something just because I missed it the one day it was open or didn’t know it was right around the corner!

    Cool itinerary guide! When I get back I will be uploading a neater version of my guide, which is broken down into all sorts of categories.

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