St. Denis to Tuilleries

Reflective PyramidToday is the last day my aunts are visiting.  We took a metro trip up to St. Denis to see the basilica where the Gothic style started.  Do you love the light of Notre Dame or Sainte Chappelle?  If so, you have St. Denis Basilica to thank for that.  While there, you can visit the resting place for many kings.  And see where the headless martyr ended his journey.

On Fridays there appears to be a little market near the metro.  Some of the items are very cheap, but it is worth a stroll.  I found a skirt and gift for my mom.  The prices are much more reasonable than in the city center.

I wanted to walk after this, so I took the metro to the Tuileries.  I enjoy shuffling my feet through the gardens as I imagine they are my own, and my palace is just down the path.  They have wonderful reclined green chairs perfect for absorbing some needed sun.  As you can tell from my pictures, the sky was filled with interest today.

Since this is our last time together for awhile, we stopped at Chez Prune again for a late lunch.  Just as before, the food was flavorful and fresh.  I ordered something that turned out to be fish, and although I don’t care for fish, I gobbled up every bite of it.  Tonight the two of us left are playing it low key.  Maybe a bottle of wine on the canal.

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