Rouen, France

Ship 2Rouen is about an hour train ride to Normandy from Paris.  The city was hit hard during the war, but some historical buildings remain.  Here are the top sights I saw today.

Musee des Beaux Arts

The art museum features a range of time periods, but is probably most famous for the impressionism works.  Monet stayed in Rouen and painted the Notre Dame Cathedral.  You can see one of his paintings out of the dozens he created capturing different light.  There is also a La Tour whose name you may recognize if you’ve seen the movie, “Le Divorce.”


Step into a Disney-like street with half-timbered buildings.  Turn one way and you will see the clock tower with the arch from the 1500s.  It is a busy street lined with shops.  I personally enjoyed the architecture the most.

Cathedral Notre Dame de Rouen

If you are a fan of Monet paintings, you should see this church.  He stayed in an apartment across the way and painted several versions as the light changed the appearance.  The church has been through severe damage during the war, and it is quite evident in the chipped facade.

Vieux Marche Rouen/Jeanne D’Arc Church

This hopping square is home to markets, cafes, and the Church of Joan of Arc.  The church is not the original, but it memorializes the place where she was burned at the stake.  It also has a wall full of stained glass worth popping in to see.


During special times of the year, you can see the tall ships stop by as they cruise up the Seine.  Today’s agenda included the parade of the crew.  There were a lot of people.  Thousands and thousands.  See the pictures below to sneak a peak at the parade and ships.

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  1. Tvor says:

    Rouen is on our list for a visit, hopefully in the spring.

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