Vaux le Vicomte: Versailles’ Influence

Carriage HousesI’m afraid this post is going to be mostly photos.  We’ve learned a hard lesson in traveling today, so we need to take care of that right now.

Vaux le Vicomte is an oasis compared to Versailles, and yet Versailles was modeled after this chateau.  If you are interested in learning more before I can write about it, you can check out Ina Caro’s book, Paris to the Past, or see what Rick Steves has to say about it in his Paris guidebook.  Until then, enjoy your daily escape to the French countryside.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Heyjude says:

    Beautiful photos. I hope you’re OK, sounds like you’ve suffered some hassle which I hope you get sorted quickly and easily.
    Jude xx

    1. Thank you, Jude! Everything is fine now. I appreciate the concern.

  2. Travel Billy says:

    Great pictures. Hopefully you did not learn lesson too painfully…

    1. Thank you! I was lucky, but my aunt was not as lucky.

  3. Awesome post… love all the pictures!

    1. Thank you! It was a quiet, beautiful place to escape to.

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