Top 10 New Experiences

Sighs Over the Sights 3In a few hours I will be on my plane to Paris for a good chunk of my summer.  Although I’ve been before, I am looking forward to trying so many new things.  Here are my top 10:

10-Eating and drinking on the Canal St. Martin

9-Watching football with the best football fans

8-Walking the Labyrinth in Chartres

7-Seeing Paris on Bastille Day and participating in the festivities

6-Visiting as many gardens as possible

5-Finding a market and making it my own

4-Joining people from all over the world for a Sunday dinner

3-Sitting at a cafe with my pen and paper ready to go

2-Riding a boat down the canal in Brugge after eating fries with mayonnaise

1-Making friends with early morning Paris and my camera


What new experience would you try?

16 thoughts on “Top 10 New Experiences

  1. SandyOntheMove says:

    I am not sure whether you like cooking at all? But if you do, you should try a short course at THE Le Cordon Bleu (you know from the Julie & Julia movie) … the one and only, original French cooking school!

  2. Heyjude says:

    I love this photo of the gargoyle (on Notre Dame?) and have to ask what effects you use on some of your images – HDR? They have such a clarity but softness about them. Just wondering…

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