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kendraTomorrow I leave for Paris.  I’ll be gone almost 6 weeks and during that time I will leave behind my little girl.  My parents are thrilled to spend the quality time with their grandpuppy, but this momma is going to miss her pug.  Every time I travel, I take a picture to carry with me.  I think the first one is what I’ll use for this trip.  Below you can see the past couple I have used.

How do you get over missing your pets?

5 thoughts on “Pet Picture

  • You’re makin me nostalgic for Paris and its only been a little more than a week since I was there. It’s bound to be warm and wonderful there soon. Paris will turn you into an experienced photographer very quickly …. And I look forward to seeing it again this time through your eyes and lens.

  • I have not found a way to get over missing our mini-schnauzer. This year when we travel in the fall, we will be able to Facetime with my sister and brother-in-law, who will be caring for her (they are the godparents). So, we will be able to see and “speak” to her; so that should help. They adore her and look forward to her visits; so at least I don’t worry about her getting the care and attention she deserves. Your little pug looks cute! Bon voyage.

  • We always miss out dog Bobby when we travel. I don’t take his picture, but take a special interest in the dogs that we meet on our travels and I often sing a little song I made up for Bobby as we drive or hike along our chosen path. When we have connections, we can sometimes Skype and catch a peak of Bobby. Have a great time in Paris.

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