People in Sculpture

Sculpture is one of my favorite art forms.  It always amazes me how someone can take rock or stone, and turn it into something that tells a story.

Windows in Photos

I’ve always been interested in taking pictures of windows.  They can look so different from place to place.  Do you recognize any of these?

Travel on a Budget

Being a teacher makes me a budget traveler.  I cut back in other areas of my life so traveling can be possible.  I may not own a house anytime soon, but that is not my priority.  Besides watching my spending carefully, I have some tricks to save on the expenses of the trip.  I’ve broken…

Hotels in Europe

If you are traveling to Europe for the first time and staying in a hotel, you may be in for a surprise.  Typically, European hotels are small compared to American standards.  One room I stayed in had about enough room to walk from the door to the bed, and that was about it.  It makes…

Cafes in Photos

There is something unique with cafes that begs the visitor to linger.  To me, they whisper slow down.  From this relaxed atmosphere, creativity springs.  Think of all that we have because someone was sitting at a cafe and had an idea.

Audio Journal

One alternative to the hand written journal is an audio record.  I tried this last summer.  Sometimes I am so tired by the time I’m ready to fill out my journal at night that it doesn’t happen till after the trip is over.  The longer I wait to record my memories, the foggier they become. …

Preparing for Paris

One of my favorite items on my to-do list before I travel is to read books and watch movies about the place.  It builds the anticipation, and provides some background information before I go.  Paris has an endless selection of literature written about the city of light.  Many American writers have found inspiration parked at…

Interesting Architecture in Photos

Yesterday I focused on art, but I didn’t include architecture.  Today we see some of my favorite buildings, bridges, and arches.  What is your favorite style?  There is something about half-timbered buildings that feels cozy to me.

Art in Photos

I have hundreds more photos of art, but here is a selection of some.  I’m saving architecture for another day…

A Look Back

This is a bit goofy, but I got the idea to make a reflective video featuring pictures of myself through travel.  I tried to put them in chronological order.  I think it would be really cool to go back to when I first traveled, but I don’t have those photos here, and they haven’t been…