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  1. genevieve says:

    Gorgeous! I love your one of the thinker at the Rodin Museum – I am really looking forward to seeing it when I return to Paris this year! I have a really funny one from the military museum in Paris, I’ll have to upload it and link it to you.

    You’ve done a great job of putting them together – sometimes they don’t look like a lot in isolation I find, but here all together they look so alive!

    The Weeping Lion in Luzern is one of my favourites, I’ve never found such a moving piece of rock! Mark Twain felt the same way, it’s beautiful. http://www.genevievewanderbug.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/weeping-lion-in-luzern/

    1. When will you be in Paris? I think I may have asked before, but I forgot. It would be nice if we were in Paris at the same time to meet up for a coffee or maybe a drink. I’m dying to meet other travelers this summer. I leave in 9 days and cannot wait!

      1. genevieve says:

        Not till August, how long are you there? It’s gorgeous! What are you planning on seeing and doing?

      2. I will be in Paris till July 15th. I’ve rented an apartment, and I am just going to try to be Parisian. This will be my 5th time to Paris, so I want to get past all of the must see sights and see a little more of daily life. I am going to do a few little day trips and one trip overnight to Brugge. Do you have any suggestions of things to do or see?

      3. genevieve says:

        Oh such a shame we won’t be able to catch up! wow, what arrondissement are you in? We stayed in an apartment for two weeks in winter once, it was so lovely not being in a hotel room!

        A day trip to Champagne would be lovely, particularly this time of year – ParisVision does a tour that takes you to Reims (beautiful!), and Champagne ( Epernay and Ay) in one day, you visit a family-owned champagne cellar, the Moet & Chandon cellar and then have a nice lunch in Champagne. Such a good day!

        Reims: http://genevievewanderbug.wordpress.com/category/europe/france/reims/

        Champagne: http://genevievewanderbug.wordpress.com/category/europe/france/champagne/ – I actually haven’t put my photos up from the cellars yet, it’s been on my to do list for almost a year now! Whoops!

        Within Paris – it’s hard to say, as I’m sure you’ve been to more places than me! Musee de Moyen Age is nice, I’m sure you’ve been to Musee D’orangerie, but it’s a favourite so I thought I should mention it. You know you can walk up inside scare couer?! I only just found out! There is an amazing perfume store called Caron as well which I will be checking out this time.

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