Audio Journal

Soccer-CrowdOne alternative to the hand written journal is an audio record.  I tried this last summer.  Sometimes I am so tired by the time I’m ready to fill out my journal at night that it doesn’t happen till after the trip is over.  The longer I wait to record my memories, the foggier they become.  I decided that audio might be an easier solution since it is just like having a conversation.  Here were some pros and cons I discovered.


-It is interesting to hear your tone of voice while you’re traveling

-Works well for those that are natural oral storytellers

-Just need an audio recorder with fresh batteries (mine fits in my hand; smaller than my cell phone)

-Others can contribute to your conversation for a deeper dimension

-Offers a multimedia perspective with background sounds

-Whole days can be paraphrased, or brief snippets can be recorded


-It is not as easy to browse through

-Sometimes the audio can be rather lengthy

-It is more challenging to correct mistakes

-Watch out for rambling

-The dreaded “um” and “like” can sneak in there a lot if you are not careful

After my experiences last year, I think it is something I will use occasionally.  Overall I am finding that a blend between visual, audio, and written ideas makes for the most powerful journal.

Check out one of my shorter audios from the past summer.  As you can see, I sometimes get lost in thought while talking.

If you want to hear more (though I doubt you do), here are the other days I recorded that were short enough to put on YouTube:

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