Travel to Discover

white night1Some days I wonder why I love travel so much.  It is just visiting other places right?  Wrong.  This is the part that I feel others don’t always understand.  I’m different when I travel.  I’m the person I want to be.  Adventurous, outgoing, and happy.  If I was the person that I am when I travel every day, people would probably be annoyed by me because I’m ridiculously optimistic.

Yesterday I did something that I would never do here.  I signed up for a Sunday dinner with a local in Paris.  There are typically about 40 people that come together to eat and meet new people.  I don’t know why I wouldn’t do it here, but it sounds really cool to do in Paris.  I’ve also signed up for a cooking class that will be in French.  I think I’ll just say “oui,” and shake my head a lot.

Here are some reasons why traveling (not vacations) rock:

1. Meet new people

2. Try new foods

3. See amazing places

4. Discover more about yourself

5. Grow through problem solving

6. Learn

7. Explore hobbies

8. Increases creativity

9. Great exercise (I’ve eaten like a bear before winter and have never gained weight while traveling)

10. Memories are created that transcend through life

Why do you travel?

7 Comments Add yours

      1. philip469 says:

        gonna follow you , can’t wait for more.

  1. Kavita Joshi says:

    so true dear traveller…its mine first love 🙂 well written

      1. Kavita Joshi says:

        your most welcome dear 🙂

  2. L. White says:

    For me, traveling to Europe can feel like a drug. Once hooked, it is impossible to stop. I am barely back a day and I am dreaming of the next trip. When the world is going crazy around me, I pull out a calendar and count down the days left until I am on a plane. For some reason this is calming.

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