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  1. tleblan4 says:

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  2. Sherrie Hitchcock says:

    I buy very little except small things like jewelry and scarves. I also buy things that are shipped directly from the seller, which saves me schlepping it. The other thing I do is get the email address of of stores I really like and then order from them when I get home. There is the postage cost, but if I buy several things – it is not so bad.

  3. Jean Mc says:

    I buy a Christmas ornament each time I take a trip. Every Christmas as I decorate my tree, I am reminded of all the wonderful places I’ve visited.

    1. I bought one in Rothenburg last year. It seemed to be the Christmas ornament capital, so I had to get my little piece of it. I appreciate the little reminder of my travels during Christmas time.

  4. Janey says:

    I used to buy clothes. I loved to have people comment on my outfit and I could say “I bought this in Paris”. Now I love art, everything from beautiful post cards to tin signs, and even a painting if I am lucky enough to find one in my budget range.

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