6 Days in Provence

Lavender, garlic, and sun all conjure up memories of Provence.  Last spring I spent six days in Avignon, France with day trips to other areas in Provence.  Below you can see our itinerary and photos from the trip.  Stay tuned for travelogues about the trip and the benefits of market days.



Sights to See


Isle Sur la Sorgue

Market Day



Hill Town


Ochre Cliffs


Pont du Gard



Drove Through/Lunch


Old City

Roman Ruins


Aix en Provence

Market Day



Market Day

Roman Ruins

Forum Square

Van Gogh Walk



Maries de la Mer


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  1. genevieve says:

    Wow, what an amazing trip! I’m going to Provence this year – 3 nights in Avignon and 3 in Nice. From Avignon I was thinking of doing a day trip to either Marseille/Nimes/Arles/Aix En Provence – possibly two in a day since the latter two are quite small and are just nice to have a look around, I’ve heard. Do you have any suggestions on what to choose? I’m spending the next week in Italy, so Roman ruins, while beautiful, aren’t a major draw card for me.

    Genevieve http://genevievewanderbug.wordpress.com

    1. Liberated Traveler says:

      Hi Genevieve,

      I haven’t been to Marseille, so I can’t offer much advice about that. I spent a very short amount of time in Nimes. My personal favorite on your list is Arles. We went back on our last day because we enjoyed it so much. If possible, go on the market day. It goes on forever by the ramparts. I bought a lot of my Provence souvenirs there. Even if you don’t want to visit the ruins, seeing them from the outside is impressive because France has preserved the ruins so much better than Italy. Arles is also great if you are a Van Gogh fan. I hope that helps. Have a great trip!

      1. genevieve says:

        Thank you, that is a huge help! It is interesting to know that France has preserved them better too, it sounds like it would definitely be worth a look. I LOVE markets so it sounds perfect! x

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