Taking Better Travel Photos

On your last trip, you shot 7,218 pictures, but you only found a few that justify what you saw, or how you felt at that moment.  We spend so much time taking pictures on our trips, yet they tend to disappoint when we get home and review.  By following a few easy steps, you can…

Visit Chicago

Da bears, famous mobsters, hot dogs, the Mag Mile, and blues conjure images of Chicago (sometimes pronounced cheecago).  I live less than an hour away, yet I will have spent more time in Paris after this summer is over.  I love having a great city nearby, but it is one that I am still exploring. …

Photos of Flowers

I first got into photography by taking photos of flowers.  My granddad had a gift for composing the perfect flower picture, so I tried to learn from him.  Here are some of my favorites:

Traveling to Europe for the First Time

You’ve got your passport ready for its first European stamp.  Perhaps you’re feeling a little nervous about the unexpected elements that come with traveling abroad.  Although you may be experiencing some fear, it really is not so different from visiting other states.  With some knowledge going in, you will be a pro as you step…

Preparing for Your Trip

Accommodations have been arranged.  Transportation has been taken care of.  Now it is time to get ready.  Planning, and the anticipation building up before the trip can almost be as exciting as actually traveling.  Get your escape from the everyday by researching before your trip. 1. Check out the Library Guidebooks, fiction, nonfiction, they’ve got…

People in Photos

Some of my favorite images are not of the landscapes, but people.  Here are some of my favorite captures.

Food from Travels

I realized I was missing a huge element in my blog: food.  In this section I will share favorite recipes of foods from other locales along with meals while traveling.  To whet your appetite, here are some of my favorite meals from my travels.

Make Markets Part of your Plans

If you are hoping to sneak into the culture a bit, markets are open for business.  Markets are great for getting some exercise, mingling with the locals, picking up a bite to eat, or saving some money on souvenirs.  Since we typically rent apartments when we travel, we take advantage of markets to find the…

Photos of Churches

I’m not a regular visitor of churches at home, but that all changes when I travel.  This summer I plan to broaden my perspective by visiting a mosque and synagogue.  For now, here are some churches.